Send Listings

The contact Listings view provides the Send Listings button to help send recommended listings to a contact. The system might suggest some recommended listings, or you can search your MLS to suggest listings.

Recommended listings are listings that match contact viewing behavior but that the contact has not yet viewed. The recommended listings are based on the following criteria.

(info) The Initial Contact Wizard (ICW) also uses the recommended listings.

To Send Listings

To send listings, you can use two different paths within the Market Leader Admininterface.

Both paths use the Search MLS view, but one automatically addresses the email to a contact, while the other requires that you choose to whom (one or more contacts) the message is sent. The following procedures describe each path in detail. They assume you are logged into the Market Leader Admin interface.

Choose a Path

Search for Recommended Listings

  1. In Search Options, specify at least one city, neighborhood, or ZIP in the Areas input field.
  2. To filter the search, specify more search criteria.
  3. Click the Search button.

    The system displays the results as markers on the map and in list form following the map. To expand or collapse the map, you can use controls at the bottom of the map. To preview control functions, hover over the mouse pointer over the controls.
  4. In the search result list, click the Add to Selected Listings icon (  ) for each listing you want to recommend. 

    For each selected listing, the system displays an MLS number above the Search Options. You can perform more searches, continue to select and add listings, and delete listings until your list is ready to send.
  5. When the list is complete, click the Send Selected Listings button.

    The system displays the Send Listings email form.

Prepare and Send Email

  1. Review the Subject and change if necessary.
  2. Depending on which path you chose (i.e. Contact or Search MLS), provide Tovalues.
  3. Optionally, select a preferred greeting.
  4. Optionally, using the Select a message drop-down list, select a different message template.

    If you added a custom template that you prefer, you can choose it here. Otherwise, the default message text is probably the most appropriate of the built-in choices.
  5. Optionally, in the text area, manually edit the message text.
  6. Click Send.

    The system displays a success information message.
  7. Click Close.

    The system returns you to the previous view.

(warning) When you email recommended listings to a contact, the listings are not removed from Recommended Listings list until the contact views the listings on your website.

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