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The Contacts view (Fig. 6) lists contacts by status. The list contains an array of information about each contact.

Figure 6 Contacts page

(warning) To see more information about a contact, click the contact name.

Contact List

The following tables describe the features of the list.





Click the name to go to the Contact Summary.

Looking In

The contact is looking for a home in this city or town.

Avg Price

Average price of all listings the contact has viewed on your site. Market Leader tracks contact activity on the site and calculates the average from the listings a contact views. If a contact has no viewed listings, the average is zero. The system uses the average price to recommend listings.


The number of listing a contact viewed on your website.


The number of listings a contact saved on your website.


The date a contact signed up on your website or when you added the contact to your account.


The last time a contact visited your website. If this date is given as a time of day, the visit occurred within the last 24 hours. If it is a date, then the visit occurred more than 24 hours ago.

Time Frame

The contact time frame to buy a home. When a contact registers on your website, they are asked when they intend to buy. The choices are Now, 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6+ months, or Just looking.

Contact Status

Where the contact is in the home buying process. To change the status for a contact, click in the Status drop-down list and choose a a status type.


Transfer Contact Icon

To transfer the contact to another agent, click the icon and follow the on-screen instructions. At this time contacts can only be transferred to other agents with Vision accounts.

Email Contact icon

To send an email to a contact, click the Email Contact icon and follow the on-screen instructions.



Tool Tip


This contact's phone number is ##########

Displayed if the contact provided a phone number. Move the mouse over the icon to see the phone number. The phone number also appears on the Contact Summary.

This contact has requested a mortgage preapproval.

This contact requested information on mortgage pre-approval when signing up.

This contact has # listing alert(s).

The contact receives listing alerts.

This contact's email is NOT working.

The contact email address has not passed our email validation process and does not appear to be a working email address.

This contact is unsubscribed.

The contact has unsubscribed from automatic system email and listing alerts.


If you subscribe to First Call, this icon appears when you have a new comment from the call center concerning a contact.

First Call New Message and Immediate Callback Request icon

If you subscribe to First Call, this icon appears when you have a new call from the call center and a contact requests that you call them back immediately.

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